Dear VMO-er, Klondiker, Cherry 6er, or other VMO-6 Veteran;

This is my fourth letter to all of you, to some the first, seeking your participation in an upcoming reunion. If you missed the last reunion at Fort Worth, Texas, you need to know that Larry Wright was elected as the new squadron coordinator and he then nominated me as his assistant. Prior to assuming this role we were primarily interested in attracting the people we served with on our first tour of duty in Vietnam. Our assignment now includes all the people that served in country from 1965 to the squadrons return to Okinawa.

One of the things we want to do is increase communications between all of the squadron members, so we have established a website. This website can be used as an information vehicle, a place to visit with other VMO-6 people, a place for comments on what needs to be done and how we can accomplish the things that benefit us as individuals and as a group.

For all of you that have computers, we want to establish an email mailing list to pass as much word as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Please log onto our website and just type in your name as it appears on the mailing list and hit send.  Comments are welcome if you wish.  Go to Any  and all comments, your name and address, and any other information you provide on the website address will be held as strictly confidential, not to be released on the net or otherwise.

Something that has been on my mind for some time is the need for us to recognize those of our ranks that have passed away. The people that were killed in combat were rightly honored by us, their family, and the country at the time of their death and had their names inscribed on the wall in Washington, D. C. They are also remembered as veterans that served and gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Those of us that had the good fortune to survive the war went on to other things and with other people, but were not forgotten by those we served with. I have discussed this with others and I am convinced that those that served with and beside us, should not be forgotten by us.  I am proposing that we establish an honor scroll and list the names of any and all Marines who served in combat with VMO-6 that have passed away since our return. That list of names would be read at the next reunion. In addition, the names of Marines that pass on would be added to the scroll for the next reunion and their names read at that time. In time, all of us will make the list but it should be the duty of the last remaining members to present the scroll to a proper authority.  Possibilities are the new Marine Corps Museum or the Marine Corps Combat Helicopter Association if it is still a viable organization. 

For those of you that are not current members of the Marine Corps Combat Helicopter Association (POP A SMOKE), the next reunion is to be held during August 2008 in Washington, D.C. This would be a prime time to visit with all the people you haven’t seen in many years, in addition to the camaraderie and the experience of meeting the families of the people with whom we served. There will also be added attractions such as the Sunset Parade at 8th & I, the new Marine Corps Museum, along with a visit to the Wall.


Semper Fi  



Thomas Ward




  1. VMO-6 Late ’67-68.

  2. I was a SEAWORTHY 99. A Huey driver-6/68-7/69. There are two former Seaworthy’s who have departed; Mike Armstrong and Jerry Ward.
    Also, I knew a lot of guys who were Huey pilots at Phu-Bai and Marble Mountain. Other than Pop A Smoke, is there anyway to find them?

  3. Hi Bill (Learch),
    Missed the reunion in Fort Worth, but am planning on going to D.C. Hope to see you there.
    – Klaus

  4. Opened this coffee shop in Jacksonville Florida and any VMO-6 members and HMM-262 Members are welcomed and the coffee is on me. I was the expeditor in S-4 when the squadron arrived literally in a basket at Futema Okinawa in September 1970. We got all birds air worthy in 90 days. So, if your in the J.ville area stop in at Scribes Cafe in the 5 Points Riverside area. George

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