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In Memory of Thomas “Tom” R Ward

Obituary of Thomas "Tom" R Ward

Thomas R. Ward was a Marine (USMC Retired), and he was also a fisherman, handyman, animal lover, and a loyal friend. He was strong, kind, honest, patriotic, and had a great sense of humor. He loved his country, his community, his family and his friends, and he also appreciated the simple things like breakfast with friends and family, beers with his buddies, and a job well done. He had a big heart and would always lend a helping hand and was grateful for all he had and had received.

Born on October 5, 1934 in Salina, Kansas. Tom was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he lived until he was 18 and joined the US Marine Corps. His parents were Raymond Martin and Bertha May Ward and he was the eldest son and the 2nd of 4 children.

Tom served in the United States Marine Corps for 20 years and attained the rank of Captain. As a member of the helicopter Squadron VMO-6, he was a decorated soldier and served his country proudly in Vietnam.

After retiring from the USMC, he built their family home in Penryn, CA and worked in the financial services industry. He also became an active member of the First United Methodist Church in Loomis, where he sang in the choir and each Easter he was the featured soloist and sang his favorite song of the season, The Holy City. He was also an active member of the American Legion, a Director of Loomis Lion’s Club, Loomis Basin Christmas Basket Program Board Member, and was a Wonder Worker. He also proudly celebrated the Marine Corps Birthday each year with local Marines and maintained his connection to his USMC Squadron, VMO-6, by coordinating activities and attending many reunions that were held across the country.

Tom is survived by his wife, Sumie Yano Ward, his two children, Raymond Yano Ward and Trina Jean Ward, his two grandchildren, Alyssa Delaney Ward and Madison Rae Sofield and his beloved dog, Charlie.

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If you have not already visited our Memorial site pls do so

Below is a link to our memorial site for VMO6, as you can see we are still actively fund raising, if you could contribute our know others that may have the funds to do so pls contact us or the website below

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History of VMO6

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Memorial for 2012

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2010 Reunion Letter

Dear VMO-6-er, Klondiker, Cherry 6 er, and/or other VMO-6 Veteran,

You should have received your spring POP A SMOKE newsletter (if you are currently a member) that includes the information on the reunion to be held in Reno, Nevada in July.

The reunion dates are from the 7th to the 11th of July and will include our squadron dinner on Friday the 8th of July at Red’s Little Waldorf Saloon in Reno.

This year we will be holding a joint squadron dinner and hootch with VMO 2.  In the past, we have been unable to coordinate this for various reasons.  This year, with the assistance of Norm Mahalic, Squadron Coordinator for VMO-2, we will be sharing spaces with our sister squadron and a dinner. Our squadrons have enjoyed a close association and many of us have served in both squadrons.  The joint dinner and hootch will enhance our ability to meet and greet the people we worked and trained with, both in training and in country.

The cost for the squadron dinner has been set at $45.00 per person, wives and guests welcome. This cost includes transportation to and from the restaurant, the cost associated with the squadron hootch and a buffet dinner featuring tri-tip steak, salmon, and chicken.  Please, for planning purposes, let us know which entrée you would most likely select.  Send your checks to Larry Wright, 650 Joandra Ct., Los Altos, CA 94024-5343 or Tom Ward, P.O. Box 78, Penryn, CA 95663.

At the squadron dinner I will again read the names of our brothers who have been reported as passing since we left country. If you are aware of anyone of our members (served with VMO-6) that should be remembered, please forward the name to me prior to the reunion.

In a previous letter, we have indicated that we are considering placing a VMO 6 Memorial at the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico, VA.

The things we need to consider are:

  1. Do you think it is a good idea?
  2. What the design should be if erected.
  3. What means we should use to garner the funds needed
  4. The last cost estimate I received was $30K to $40K. In addition, we would in all probability need to establish a continuing fund to support the ongoing upkeep of the memorial.

If you have any ideas on the design or shape of the memorial, would you please pass them on to us.

Your coordinators are trying to put together the best reunion we can.  If you have any recommendations for squadron activities other than those proposed by us, please speak up.

For additional information on the reunion go to and I will link it to our website along with this letter.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the reunion.

Semper Fi

Tom Ward (Wardu)

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A History of Marine Observation Squadron Six

a-history-of-marine-observation-squadron-six-pcn-190003087001 Click on the File  to read the History of VMO6

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Reunion Letter May 08

May 10, 2008
Dear VMO-6er, Klondik-er, Cherry-6er or other VMO-6 Veteran;
This letter is to inform you of the plans we have made and the time schedule of events that affect VMO 6 during the upcoming reunion in Washington, D.C.
First and foremost, the VMO 6 Squadron dinner will be held Friday, August 15th at the STARS Bistro and Bar; Cocktails from 1630 to 1730 – Dinner from 1730 to 1900.
The dinner menu will consist of Salmon, Chicken, New York Steak, or Ravioli.  The bar will be ‘no host’ with beer @ $2.50, mixed drinks @ $5.00, and wine @ $7-12.00.  Dinner cost is $50.00 per person.   Dress is casual.  The restaurant is approximately a twelve minute walk from the hotel.  If you need transportation, please let us know.
The expenses associated with our squadron hospitality suite have been included in the dinner cost.  It would be appreciated if you would confirm your reservations for the dinner by indicating your entrée choice(s) on the enclosed chit and forward it and your check to Donald L. Wright, 605 Joandra Ct., Los Altos CA 94024 or Thomas R. Ward, P.O. Box 78, Penryn CA 95663. August 1st is the deadline for reservations.
Due to circumstances beyond our control, the scheduled Evening Parade has been changed to a Morning Parade (dress rehearsal) with primarily Pop A Smoke in attendance.  This dress rehearsal begins at 0900 at 8th and I, Friday the 15th.  If you signed up for Friday tours, those tours will depart after the Parade and will last approximately one hour longer than originally scheduled.
At the squadron dinner we will honor those who served with VMO 6 during the Vietnam era and have since passed away.
To my knowledge, the following have passed away.  If you know of others, please forward their names to me so they can be added to the list.

Armstrong, J. Michael                      Kowalk, Robert
Box, K. D.                                       Lane, Jim
Brown, Arthur D.                              Love, Lloyd L.
Buchanan, William L.                         Page, W. D.
Butler, Steve D.                                 Paulson, Leroy
Byrge, David O.                                 Rogers, J. A.
Drake, Donald L.                               Waite, Robert R.
Eikenberry, Todd A.                           Ward, Jerry
Gregory, Rawley                                  Zitnik, Robert J.
Semper Fi,

Tom Ward

Please indicate your entrée choice(s) and return it with your check.
SALMON ________  CHICKEN _______
NY STEAK _______  RAVIOLI _______

Please indicate your entrée choice(s) and return it with your check.
SALMON ________  CHICKEN _______
NY STEAK _______  RAVIOLI _______

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Flying Thunder Flight to the Wall

Dear friends who have lived with and loved Hueys. There is a very special
event just about to happen that you should know about.  If you’re a member
of PopaSmoke, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots or Flight Crew associations, Marine
Corps Aviation, etc, please do forward this news to all your mailing lists.
We need to spread the word about this first epic and historic national

Flying Thunder Flight to the Wall

Please visit the website to learn about this extraordinary event.

We need your emotional or financial support to make sure all these restored
beauties make their trip safely and represent our history well.

For the Americans who have served our country in war, coming home can be the
toughest challenge.  It brings no medals and earns few accolades.  Most of
the difficulties are hidden – like the memories that boil beneath the
surface.  The pain is unique and personal.  Veterans from WWII, Korea,
Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan who supported each other in war are better
positioned to understand, but healing requires a broader effort.  It needs
the compassion of individuals and the commitment of a nation.

This year, a unique event will shed a clear and powerful light on just what
it means for veterans to come home.   In the roar of motorcycle engines and
the throb of helicopters; veterans and volunteers will undertake a journey
that spans America to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.  They are giving
up their time and in some cases, risking their lives to honor comrades,
exorcise demons and awaken America to a commitment that they feel must be

Their plea is not made in speeches, complaints, or demands.  It is made
through difficulties faced, dangers overcome and the powerful stories of
veterans, families and communities across our entire nation.  Through small
town celebrations and big city indifference; through moments of beauty and
devastation; we will ride into Washington D.C. on an emotional wave of
chrome, steel and camouflage paint.

Wings & Rotors Air Museum’s four combat-certified, Vietnam era helicopters
will escort over 300,000 motorcycle riders from California to the Vietnam
Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC on the annual Memorial Day Rolling
Thunder’s “Ride to the Wall 2008.”

Every Memorial Day Weekend for 20 years, motorcycle riders from every corner
of the country have converged on Washington, DC at the Vietnam Veterans
Memorial, better known as ‘The Wall.’ The numbers have risen, currently
reaching many hundreds of thousands riders. They will be joined along the
route by Wings & Rotors Air Museum’s historic Vietnam era helicopters.

For the first time in the history of the ‘Ride,’ four restored, fully
operational and combat-certified Vietnam era helicopters – three UH-1
“Hueys’ and an OH-58 Kiowa – will fly along with the riders, making layovers
along the way at Vietnam Memorials and other Veterans’ memorial sites. The
ceremonial stops will be made on both the eastern and western legs of the

Departing California on May 14, 2008, the trip will take riders and
helicopters across America on several routes which include both cities and
small towns along the way who will sponsor special ceremonies and
remembrances. The riders and helicopters will arrive in Washington, DC for
Memorial Day Weekend and the ceremonies at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on
the Mall.

Please visit the website, tell your friends, consider how you can support
this extraordinary effort in a way that honors you and other veterans who
did and did not make it home.

Semper Fi,

John Beal
VMO-6 Quang Tri 1968-1969

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Latest Registration Information

Below is the latest information for our reunion in August this year, click on any one of them to print/dowload.

Registration Form (page 1)

Registration Form (page 2)

Reunion Agenda Aug 13-17 (page 1)

Reunion Agenda Aug 13-17 (page 2)

Reunion Frag Order (page 1)

Reunion frag order (page 2)

Please note the telephone number for the Washington Hilton is 1-800-hiltons (correction from before)

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Current Roster

Below is a current list of names that we have in our Roster & Directory, for all of these names we have Address, Email & Phone. If your not on this list contact us (see post below) and get us your information.Everyone on this list will be recieving and email to give them access to the Honor Role on the website, in here we shall have private information for you to use as part of VMO6 veterans and also to ensure we have you contact information listed correctly.  As this is secure information no one will be allowed access unless we can validate they are who they seem ;0.

Floyd W. Dooley Sr. Mcgw Bill Bobby Thatcher
 Robert E. “Todd” Todt Perryman James George M Wastila Jr. Major USMC Ret
Veazey David Good Tom  O.E. James, Jr.
Ingvoldstad Orlando Greene Peter Klaus P. Hille
Todt R. E. Curto Vincent  Richard P. Danis
Miller Don Almida D. Ted  James C. Lieber, Jr.
Fraioli Antonio Kelly Jim  Jerry J. Chisholm
Scanion Martin Rosser Dick  David J. Bright
rick ebert Lefevre Jes  Lawrence L. Downey
KD Waters Osborne Herman Robert D. Purcell
Alexander Ed Steele David  Rodney E Croft
Browning Gary LeJeune D. J.  Henry J. (jim) Bracha
Joseph Marrs Hopkins Thomas John Beal
Kufeldt Ed Dooley Floyd  William J. Keough
Schieber David Waters KD TONY PECORAO
Newbery John William Lykens Robert E. “Todd” Todt
Hamilton Mike D’Ascenzo Harry  john e. newberry
Viti Al Ault Rick  TONY PECORAO
Tyler Joe Bushlow David William J. Keough
Doering James Vercelli Eddy john e. newberry
Lafemina James Thatcher Bobby Martin Scanlon
Whaley Bob Yung Carl  Bob Dopher
Morrison Tom Donaghy Richard  Peter N. Greene
Rabing David Levardi Jim  Gary Lee Browning
Rizzo Sam William Miles William Henry (Bullethead) Miles Lovenguth George  Col. Dick Rosser
Boden John Warne Richard  Richard C. Ethier
wiltrout Thom \”Sundown\” Leonard  David Bushlow
Grimm Larry Regan Rich  KD Waters
James O.E. Price Dennis O.E. “Sonny” James
William Cooper Brooke Les James “Jim” Doering
Ledet John Tunmire David  O.E. “Sonny” James
Joe Tyler Elliott Gene Arthur George Friend
Lund Bob Ethier Richard John J. “Frenchy” Ledet Chuck Jamison Larry Grimm
Yoder Roger James Thomas Eddy Vercelli
Dopher Bob

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